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Your First Stop for Ramen and Fabulous Chinese Food!

Hungry for chinese food or ramen? Our restaurant on Victoria St in Kamloops BC is the perfect place for everyone! We are a favourite meeting place for local and international university students, business people grabbing lunch on the go, and families attending Blazers hockey games who need a ramen fix.

All our dishes are made with high quality ingredients for the perfect flavour. Chef Jimmy Wang has perfected the best ramen broth in Kamloops! Our large dining room ensures that your whole group can sit close together. Plus, our convenient central location makes it easy to stop by before or after a game. Come visit us today and let us show you why we’ve earned a reputation for the best Ramen-Chinese fusion in town!

Japanese Restaurant Kamloops

We specialize in serving authentic Chinese food and ramen, including gluten-free & veggie choices. Family meal options available.

Japanese Restaurant KamloopsWe specialize in serving authentic ramen dishes, including gluten-free & veggie ramen. We also serve Udon & Karaage.

Your Favourite Chinese Food

We offer many Chinese food dishes, including crispy spring rolls, gyoza, General Tsao chicken, spicy garlic pork, salt and pepper seafood deluxe, and so much more. Our udon soup is a comfort food, with kake udon noodles cooked in a flavourful broth called kakejiru, which is made from dashi, soy sauce, and mirin. Vegetarians would love our many veggie options. Try our Thai curry – green, red or yellow, with your choice of protein and vegetables.

Kamloops Authentic Ramen


Ramen is a classic Japanese noodle dish that has its roots in Chinese cuisine. This delicious and savoury comfort food consists of wheat noodles served in a flavourful broth, usually either soy sauce or miso-based, along with typical toppings such as sliced pork, nori (seaweed), menma (fermented bamboo shoots), and scallions. A bowl of hot ramen on a cold winter day serves not only as a flavourful and filling meal, but also to lift one’s spirits – it’s no wonder why ramen has become so popular!


Karaage is a Japanese cooking method, which showcases our chef’s culinary skills. Karaage is the perfect combination of crispy fried goodness and savoury flavour, best experienced when using chicken, fish and other meats. To achieve Karaage excellence, chicken pieces are marinated prior to being lightly coated with flour or potato or corn starch and then fried in a light oil. The outcome? An indulgent appetizer crisped to perfection that is guaranteed to please our patrons. Karaage truly captures all the aspects of delicious deep-fried delicacies while preserving the flavours of its source ingredients.

Karaage Kamloops